Between the Lines - 4e secondaire

Improved concept, new texts and more strategies

Between the Lines facilitates comprehension of the texts through:

  • Reading strategies that highlight the three tenses : past, present and future (before, while and after reading)
  • Topics that pique students’ curiosity
  • International Baccalaureate-based enrichment



Paper notebook + digital class combo (digital notebook + self-correcting exercises): $ 23.93 / student

The combo contains:

  • The student's notebook in paper version and in digital version
  • Educational video clips and self-correcting exercise in English


The collection offers:

  • The paper text-based activity book
  • The Digital Teacher's Toolkit


Digital Teacher's Toolkit ''Pour l'enseignant''

The Between the Lines Activity Book is completed by the Teacher’s Toolkit, which proposes:


  • Content for projection in the classroom to enliven and energize your explanations:
    • Interactive grammar tools (allows you to virtually manipulate words based on various grammatical concepts)
    • Would you rather...? activities (an interactive tool that stimulates conversation with funny topics that present nonsensical situations)
    • Internet links, including videos, quizzes, reports, etc.
    • Text and activities in HTML format
    • Interactive PDF of the activity book



  • Reproductible material
    • Pedagogical notes
    • Support | The Reading Task Sheets will guide the students through the reading strategies proposed for each text. The strategies are well explained with short activities planned to help the students put each strategy into practice. These Reading Task Sheets will assist the students throughout their readings, text comprehension activities, questions and further exercises.
    • Enrichment | One or more enrichment projects are proposed for each unit. Students’ projects include researches, written compositions, oral presentations, or artistic creations. Each project includes handouts with step-by-step descriptions to facilitate the completion of each task. These projects are designed to challenge students into going further and bettering themselves.
    • Grammar exercises for each unit
    • Evaluations for each unit that include tasks to test the three ESL skills and a mini-grammar test. The evaluations use the last text of each unit of the activity book.
    • Evaluation grids for each competency
    • The answer key for the activity book


Paper workbook ''Papier''
Reading comprehension book for the student in paper version.