Unit 2: Strange Phenomena

| Between the Lines | 4e secondaire | English

Are your students fascinated by the unexplained? Do they love to watch films or read stories about ghosts? Would they easily accept to spend the night in a haunted house? Do they believe in legends about ghost ships or other unexplained phenomena, such as never-ending lightning storms, fish falling from the sky or boulders moving on their own? This unit will give them insight into all that. Students will read about strange and bizarre things that may or may not be true.
It’s up to you and your students to decide.




Here is the content of the Digital Teacher's Toolkit ''Pour l'enseignant":


1. Reproductible material

  • Pedagogical notes
  • Support | All texts, questions and exercices in the activity book are modified for students who have difficulties
  • Enrichment | An additional text including questions and consolidation activities, is available for student who need more challenges
  • Grammar exercices
    • Homophones
    • Adjectives
    • Order of Adjectives
    • Verbal Adjectives
    • Abstract Nouns and Adjectives – Part 1
    • Comparatives and Superlatives
  • Mini-grammar tests
  • Texts and questions to print (The Flying Dutchman)
  • Answer Key


2. Material to project in class

Interactive grammar tools | To energize the teaching of grammar.

Project this interactive tool in the classroom, which allows you to virtually manipulate words based on various grammatical concept:

  • English verb tenses
  • Pronouns and possessives
  • Pronunciation of regular verbs
  • Plural forms of nouns
  • Spelling of -ing and -ed forms
  • Asking questions



Would you Rather...? activities | Fun interactive activities linked to the theme that stimulate conversation.

Let your students have zany conversations and debate over odd subjects with this interactive version of the popular Would You Rather game. It’s a playful way to improve their vocabulary and give free rein to their imagination.

Would you rather...

  • Be haunted and scared by a lovely ghost or be a scary ghost and haunt people?
  • Spend every night in a haunted castle with a very angry spirit but get to go home during the day or spend a month (day and night) in a haunted castle with 10 drunken ghosts?
  • Have the power of levitation or have the ability to swim underwater for one hour?
  • Come face to face with a Sasquatch and have everyone you tell think you’re crazy or come face to face with the missing link to humanity and be stalked by the science community?
  • Go on board a UFO with really bizarre aliens that like to party all the time or sail aboard a ghost ship with Blackbeard, who also likes to party surrounded by frightening people?
  • Be able to read people’s minds and tell what they think, especially if it is embarrassing or see into their future and tell them, even if it is frightening?
  • Spend a night locked up in a hospital morgue or spend a night in a very old cemetery?
  • Have the power to become invisible whenever you want or have the power of ubiquity (be in many places at the same time)?
  • Have the power to resurrect at will and restart the same life every time or never die at all but get older with time?



Commented mediagraphy

Internet links, including videos, quizzes, reports, etc.

Text and activities in HTML format

The activity book to project in HTML format with corrections displayed one by one.